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a sober, clean, pure space to rest, co-create, co-work & co-heal

this is the biggest project of my life so far. it all started with an idea.
there is "i" in illness and "we" in wellness

CURRENT AFFAIRS: I flew to Panama on the 8th of February and entered Colombia on the 27th of February.

On the 16th of March 2023, I found the location i've been visualising.

The Wellnest is in Palomino, Guajira, Colombia.

NEXT STEPS: Launch The Wellnest Medellin & leveraging funds.

Beach Bar

The Concept:
Wellnest: a place, structure made or chosen by healing beautiful souls having a human experience on planet Earth

Key Principles:

  • No distractions: No alcohol, drugs, smoking

  • A space for co-healing: yoga, meditation, mindfulness, 12 step meetings, dome for ceremonies/rituals

  • A space to co-create: a space for creatives/artists, painters, dancers..

  • A co-working space: a safe container with no distractions to hyper focus and be productive

  • Spaces to promote productivity, and play:  A rooftop,  pool/jacuzzi, massages, healthy food/vegan, exercise/gym

Wall Decor

The Need

  • A space for healthy, open-minded, like-minded, spiritual travellers to either feel like “home” (nest), or rest and recharge to continue their adventures.

  • Purpose: to offer a sanctuary-like affordable space for rest, relaxation, recharge, creativity, productivity and alignment during travels ( a space to co-create, co-heal, and co-work)

  • Objective: to bring wellness and spirituality into the traveling lifestyle

What i’ve also noticed recently while hosting Couchsurfers, is that they already feel that sense of rest and relaxation when coming to my home/space/sanctuary. Most of the travellers I attract are healthy, like-minded people who take breaks in their long-term travel to rest, recoil, recuperate and then continue on stronger.

Juice Dispenser with Tap

The Whys

  • There is a community of travelers that don’t party and are healthy


  • Time to give back to the community: create employment and spread positivity


  • Just a matter of time before someone opens it


  • Change the reputation of hostels


  • Show the importance of healthy living while traveling


  • Legacy to father who was in hotel business, and to my future children


  • I love hospitality and working in this industry


  • I believe I have what it takes to own and run a hostel (entrepreneur side)

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